The brushoff

When we think of painting a picture, we assume painting with a brush. Well, it isn’t necessarily so. There many different effects you can get by applying paint with something else. A few examples: If you look at my pictures Louise and Polaris, there are two entirely different skies. How did I get those nice jagged edged clouds? While the paint was still wet I blotted it with a towel. For some reason, the paint will then dry with those edges. Another easy trick, mix your sky color using indigo and sepia, paint the clouds. While it’s still wet, tilt the painting so that some paint will run towards the bottom. This will get you instant rain falling from the clouds. Indigo and sepia is a very useful combination. If you jiggle the painting while this combination is wet, the pigment will go to the low spots in the paper, accentuating the texture. Next trick: apply the paint with various sponges, this can produce a wide variety of effects. Different types of foliage for instance. It never hurts to experiment. 

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