Travel Prints

All about my watercolor travel prints for sale. Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to have opportunities to travel to a wide variety of interesting places. I always make it a point to take lots of pictures with the thought that they can be the subject of a painting. I always try to photograph a scene based on interest and artistic composition. As it turns out though, when I go through the photos later, only one or two percent seem to be good enough to paint. One reason for this may be that I paint the scene almost exactly as I saw it. I want the viewer to see what I saw. So when you look at my watercolor travel prints for sale, you are seeing what is actually there, I have not used artistic license to make changes. I hope some will be able to look at these prints and say “I’ve been in this exact same spot.” I’ll be adding more watercolor travel prints for sale as time goes on.

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