Watercolor Nature Prints

This section is about my watercolor nature prints for sale. Whenever I want to paint a picture, the subject is the most important consideration. The selection needs to interest me, but it needs to also interest any other viewers. It seems that almost all of us like animals, so this a popular category. And I enjoy painting them. A majority (but not all) of my nature pictures over the years have been of birds. I’ve painted dozens of bird pictures and they have always been well received. There are several in this watercolor nature prints for sale section. In most cases, my pictures are inspired by actual events I’ve experienced. Some times I’ve rearranged the scene for artistic reasons, actually this is true in almost all of my pictures. Also in this section, you will notice that some of my watercolor scenes were entirely imaginary. The tiger picture is an example, I did not actually encounter this tiger. I just wanted to paint a tiger, they are such majestic creatures. I’m pleased with how it turned out. Of course, one of the benefits of these nature pictures is that they bring an appreciation of these wild and beautiful animals into our homes and lives. If these nature prints do that for others, then I will have accomplished my goal. As time goes on, I will be adding more prints to this watercolor nature prints for sale page.

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