Marine Prints

In this section we have watercolor marine prints for sale. Paintings of boats seem to be popular with almost everyone. This includes me, and I’ve always enjoyed painting them. Of course, some ships (or boats) are more attractive than others. On Lake Geneva in Wisconsin, there are many interesting antique and classic boats, convenient subjects for me to research. Some of them are in this watercolor marine prints section. But there is an unlimited supply of great subjects all around the world, and I will be adding more prints periodically. Normally, I work from photographs I take as I want each picture to be as accurate as possible. Another challenging aspect of boat pictures is the water. We take it for granted that water just looks like water. However, whenever I look at the ocean or a lake or a stream, it is always a little different due to changing wind and lighting conditions. Colors and wave patterns continuously vary, so I try to show this in my pictures. I hope everyone enjoys this watercolor marine prints for sale section.

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