So you want to put a nice picture on that bare spot on the wall. Should you buy a print or an original? Actually, either way is OK, when it gets a frame, it’ll look the same. The main difference is the price. A good original will likely cost over a thousand dollars and maybe much more. A giclee print will generally cost less than a hundred dollars. Either way, a frame might run around two hundred and fifty dollars. You can hope an original will increase in value, but that’s a bit iffy. With prints it’s even more iffy. The bigger question is, how close is a print to the original? The answer is, the difference is indiscernible. Giclee printing is now so good that when I hold one next to its original, I can’t see any difference. So I think it’s best to buy according to your personal preference. After all, you will be looking at it for a long time.

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