At the frame shop

Now you’ve bought a picture and it needs a frame. What to do? Well, the artist has already decided whether the picture is vertical or horizontal, the rest is up to you. For the frame, you will probably want some nice wood finish, the shop will have a selection that you can choose from. Just pick one that you like. Choosing the matte is actually more important and a little more difficult. Some prefer a white or off-white. Others prefer a color. If you want a color, it should be some thing that looks good with the picture, if the picture has a lot of one color, for instance, you could pick something close to that color. Next you may decide to use a double matte, an inner matte showing a narrow strip that only about 1/8 of an inch wide. Remember you will want to call attention to the picture, not the matte. Also, you want to use glass to protect your picture. Now you’re done, it should look great. Remember to hang your picture where direct sunlight will not shine on it, you don’t want it to fade.

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